Āyurvedic Glossary


abaran concealment energy of the causal or essential body

abhyañga massage-like therapies

agni digestive enzymes

ahimsa non-violence

ajapa the Gāyatrī mantra that brings salvation

ajīrna indigestion

ājñā chakra third eye or intuitive eye

akaṣha space

akshe-paka convulsions

alajī a painful mouth eruption emitting discharge

alasaka a digestive disorder

alepa/ātepanam medicated pastes for ulcers

allaepauk ginger jam with additional spices

ālochaka Pitta one of the five Pitta subdoṣhas; resides in the retina and governs sight

āma undigested food toxins

āmāṣhaya stomach

amla sour

amlapitta acid gastritis

anāha a digestive disorder involving āma and/or feces accumulation in the digestive tract

anahāta chakra fourth or heart chakra

anasarca an edema-like swelling

aṇguli/aṇgula finger width measurement

ani marma energy point governing muscle tension (located just above the knees)

anjana eye salves

anjana vidhi eye therapies

anna lepa poultice used when pinḍa sweda is contraindicated or ineffective

annamaya koṣha food cell

annavaha srota digestive system channels of transport

antraja vṛiddhi inguinal hernia

anupana a food medium or vehicle that transports herbs to the tissue levels (e.g., honey)

anuvāsana basti unctuous medicated enema

ap water element

apān Vāyu one of the five Vāyu subdoṣhas; downward moving air

apartarpaṇa reducing or detoxifying therapies

aparigraha not chasing after material wealth

apasmāra epilepsy

arbuda cancer

ardha matsyendrāsana alternate spinal twist yoga pose

āriṣhṭha/āsava medicated wines

arochaka anorexia

arogya health

arṣhas hemorrhoids

artavaha srota uterus channels

āsana haṭha yoga postures

āsava, āriṣhṭha medicated wines

āṣhaya containers within the body

āṣhcotana therapy using eye drops

aṣhtabindu eight drops

Aṣhṭāñga Hṛidayam one of the three main ancient Āyurvedic texts

asṛigdara menorrhagia

asthi bone tissue

astivaha srota bone channels

atīsāra diarrhea

Ātreya author of Charak Saṃhitā

asthāpana or nirūha basti non-oily enema

aum first sound of creation

aupadravikam adhyayam eye diseases

avagāhan soaking in a tub of medicated water

avalaṃbaka Kapha one of the five Kapha subdoṣhas; found in the chest and creates cohesion, softness, moistness, and liquidity, which results in maintaining body strength.

avaleha confections

avapīda nasal therapy using fresh herb juices

Āyurveda science of life and longevity


bahihpragña perceiving the world through the senses

bahya kumbhaka outer breath retention

baikhari audible sounds produced by the throat

bajra nāḍī first subtler channel in suṣhumṇā

bālāmaya pratihedha children’s diseases

bandhas energy locks used during yoga poses

basmati rice a sweet, nutritious, and easily digested rice

basti bladder or medicated enema- one of the five pañcha karma therapies

basti marma energy center below the navel; governing apāna Vāyu, Kapha, urine function

bhagandara fistula-in-ano

bhagnam fractures

bhajans singing of religious songs

bhakti divine devotion resulting from experiencing the indescribable love of God

bhasma burnt metals or gems (generally for ingesting)

bhastra kumbhaka bellows breath exercise

bhrājaka Pitta one of the five Pitta subdoṣhas; resides in the skin. It regulates complexion by keeping secretions from the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin active.

bhesan chick pea (also called garbanzo and channa

bhramarī kumbhaka humming-bee breath

bhujaṇgāsana serpent pose

bhujangini mudrā breathing exercise for stomach diseases and digestion

bhūta vidyā Āyurvedic psychiatry

bhutagnis five digestive enzymes that metabolize the five elements

bidālikā tonsillitis

bīj seed

bikṣhepa hallucination energy of the causal or essential body

bindū semen or ovum

bodhaka Kapha one of the five Kapha subdoṣhas; found in the tongue and is responsible for taste.

Brahmā name of God of creation

brahmacharya celibacy; one who follows a spiritual lifestyle including celibacy (certain religious married couples have their own form of brahmacharya)

Brahman a name for eternal, unmanifest God

brahmanāḍī subtlest channel in the suṣhumṇā

brahmarandhra area in the crown chakra

brāhmī gotu kola

brāhmī ghee a rejuvenating herbal/ghee therapy with brāhmī as the main ingredient

Brihat Samhitā a Jyotiṣh astrology text

bṛiµhaṇa nourishing therapies in pañcha karma


cala moving quality of food

chai tea

chaitanya consciousness

chakra spiritual energy centers in the body

chandrabheda prāṇāyāma left-nostril breathing exercise

channa dal chick peas or garbanzo beans

Charak pen name of author of Charak Saṃhitā (Lord Ātreya)

Charak Saṃhitā One of the three main ancient Āyurvedic texts

chardi vomiting

chitrini second subtlest channel in the suṣhumṇā

choti elā small cardamom seeds

chūrṇas herb powders

chyavan prāśh herbal rejuvenative jam with āmalakī and ghee as its main ingredients


danta roga tooth disorders

danta vidradhi dental abscess

dantamūla gums

dārdhya sturdiness

deha-manasa psychosomatic

dhamanī arteries

dhanurāsana bow pose (yoga posture)

Dhanvantari divine father of Āyurveda

dhārā drava medicated oil for the head

dhārā karma certain pañcha karma therapies

dhārā svedhana pouring warm oil on body, causing sweating

dhāraṇā God-visualization

dharma life purpose or life path; God-given talent

dhatagnis seven digestive enzymes that metabolize the seven tissue layers; it includes anabolic and catabolic activity

dhātu tissue

dhūma medicated smoke therapy

dhyāna fixed God-visualization

doṣha humors; elemental or energetics related to personal constitution or current health imbalance (Vāyu, Pitta, Kapha, Tridoṣha)

drakṣha herbal wine

drava liquid quality of food

drava svedhana see dhārā svedhana

driṣhti eye

driṣhti-gata-roga-vijnāñiya eye pupil diseases


galaganda goiter

Ganges famous river in India believed to believed to possess spiritual healing powers

Gangotri a holy place near the source of the

Garuda Purana ancient Vedic text that discusses gems

Gāyatrī mantra mantra for salvation

ghee clarified butter

ghrita another word for ghee

grahanī duodenum

gomedha hessonite garnet used for healing in Āyurveda and Jyotiṣh astrology

gomukhāsana cow-face yoga pose

Gorakṣha Saṃhitā a major haṭha yoga treatise

grahanī digestive disorders

gṛidhrasī sciatica

grīṣhma summer

gulma abdominal tumors

guḍa (jaggery) a form of pure cane sugar

guṇas three qualities or the fundamental laws of nature (sattwa: creation, rajas: maintenance, tamas: dissolution)

guru teacher; also heavy quality of foods

guṭi herbal pills


halāsana plough pose

haṇg saḥmantra sound of the life-breath

haṭha yoga gentle stretching exercises that improve health, mind/body coordination and spiritual foundations

hataratnavali major haṭha yoga treatise

hemanta winter season

hikkā hiccup

hima cold infusions

hiranyagarbha Supreme God, golden egg, universal consciousness, or Supreme Self

hirchula cardiac colic

hṛidaya heart

hṛidroga heart disease


iḍā left or lunar channel, associated with piṇgalā; surrounding the suṣhumṇā


jaggery (guḍa) a form of pure cane sugar

jālandhara bandha throat lock used with yoga postures to keep the bindū from flowing down-out of the head

jarā aging

jatharagni digestive enzymes in the G.I. level

jathara parivartanāsana belly roll yoga pose

jatrūrdhva marma energy point group: those points on the neck and head

jihwā roga tongue disorders

jñyān mudrā finger position to keep energy from flowing out of the fingers

jwara fever

Jyotiṣh Vedic astrology


kaki mudrā a breathing exercise- pursing lips and inhaling; cools Pitta (heat)

kama healthy and spiritual use of the senses

kāmalā roga jaundice

kaṇṭha roga throat disorders

kapālbhāti kumbhaka frontal brain cleanse Kapha biological phlegm; water/earth energetic, constitution, or humor

kapitthaparni a name for frankincense

kapotāsana pigeon yoga pose

karana śharīra causal or essential body

karma action

karna pūrana ear bath therapy

karnapālī roga ear lobes

karṇa-gata-roga-vijnāniya ear disorders

karpūr camphor

kāsa cough

kaṣhaya astringent

kathina hard quality of food

katti basti lower back bath therapy

katu pungent

kaumāra bhṛitya pediatrics; one of the eight branches of Āyurvedic medicine

kāya seka oil poured over the body (therapy)

kāyachikitsā internal medicine; one of the eight branches of Āyurvedic medicine

kayvala kumbhaka automatic still breath exercise

khara rough quality of food

kicharī grain/legume meal; usually basmati rice and mūngdal. Sometimes some veggies are included

kledaka Kapha one of the five Kapha subdoṣhas; found in the stomach, liquefying hard food masses.

koṣṭhāgni digestive fire/enzymes

krimi parasites

Kṛiṣhṇa a name of God

krishna-gata-roga-vijñāniya chorid and iris

kriyā yoga form of yoga exercises

kṣhaya atrophy

kukkutāsana cockerel yoga pose

kukṣhi-śhūla a Vāyu digestive disorder

kumbhaka yogic breathing exercises

kuṇḍalinī śhakti spiritual life-force

kūrmāsana tortoise yoga pose

kuṣhṭha obstinate skin diseases

kwātha herbal decoction


laghu light quality of food

lalanā chakra energy center in the palate

laṇghana reducing therapies

lavaṇa salty

laya yoga yoga stage where breathing stops

lekhana scraping therapies

lepa herbal paste or poultice


madāt-yaya alcohol recovery

madhāyamañga marma energy point group: those points on the trunk of the body

madhura sweet

madhya medium (level)

madhyama sound (nāda) rising to the heart that is felt by the ears (but not heard)

mahā bandha great lock pose

mahā bheda yoga pose that brings life-breath into suṣhumṇā

mahā bheda mudrā great piercing (yoga) position

mahā marma the 3 vital organs: head, heart, urinary bladder

mahā mudrā great sealing pose

Maharishi Kanada author of Nāḍīvijñānam

Mahavīr Hanuman the Monkey-God; Lord of selfless service and devotion

majja marrow/bones and joint tissue

majjāvaha srota marrow/joint lubrication channels

mala waste produce (i.e., urine, sweat, feces)

māṃsa muscle tissue

māṃsavaha srota muscular channels

manas chakra energy center slightly above the the 3rd eye on the forehead

manda slow quality of food; also rice water

mandāgni Kapha-produced digestive enzymes

manipūra chakra energy center located at the navel

manomaya koṣha mind cell

mantra special words or sounds for health and spiritual development

mantra yoga meditation using words or sounds

manyā marma energy points in the neck governing lymphatic and Kapha function

marga tracts in the body

marma energy points on the body

matsyāsana fish pose

matsyendrāsana spinal twist

medas fat/adipose tissue

medovaha srota adipose/fat channels

mūtra urine

mūtravaha srota urinary channels

mithya āhar vihar improper lifestyle

mokṣha Self-Realization

mridu soft quality of food

mudrās body and hand positions that channel energy into the chakras and suṣhumṇā

mukha roga mouth cavity

mūla bandha perineum/cervix contraction used with yoga poses

mūlādhāra chakra energy center at the base of the spine

mūrchā fainting

mūrchha kumbhaka swooning breath exercise

mūrdha taila head oil

mūtra vṛiddhi scrotum fluid

mūtrā-śharkarā urinary gravel

mūtrā-āṣhmarī urinary stones

mūtrā-ghāta urinary diseases

mūtrā-ghātādi urine retention

mūtrā-kṛichra dysuria

mūtraghāta urine obstruction


nābhi navel

nabho mudrā yoga exercise involving head extention and breathing

nāda sound

nāḍī nerve channels

nāḍī śhodhana prāṇāyāma dual-nostril breathing exercise

nāḍī sveda medicated herbal steam directed through a tube and applied to localized body areas

naḍīprakaṣham/nāḍīvijñānam pulse diagnosis

nāḍī-vraṇa sinus

nasikagra driṣhti eyes gazing at tip of nose

nasya therapies applied through the nose; one of the five pañcha karma therapies

nāsā-gata-roga-vijñāniya nose diseases

nayanā-bhighāta-pratiṣhedha externally caused eye injury

nayana-budbuda eyeball diseases

neti pot a small vessel that looks like a miniature watering can; used for nasal channel washing

netra basti medicated eye baths

nidāna diagnosis, etiology, cause of disease

niketa abodes within the body

nilā marma energy points on the neck

nirāma non-clogged (no āma) digestive system

nirbikalpa samādhi second stage of samādhi (absorption in eternal consciousness)

nirūha basti oily enema

nirvana śhakti mother of the three worlds— experienced when crown chakra opens

niyama ethical codes of conduct; purity, contentment, devotion, spiritual study, faith in God; included with Yama


odana soft, plain basmati rice meal

ojas life sap; essence of immune system and spiritual energy


pāchaka agni responsible for digestion

pāchaka Pitta one of the five Pitta subdoṣhas; the main digestive enzymes, they are found in the small intestine, stomach, and colon as non-liquid heat, bile, or digestive fire. The fire digests and transforms food, emulsifying food fats and separating absorbable nutrients from waste, so they may be passed to lacteals by absorption.

pādābhyañga foot massage

padma lotus

padmāsana lotus yoga pose

pañcha karma five cleansing therapies; vaman, virechan, basti, nasya, rakta mokṣha

pañchang ephemeris

panīr home made Indian ricotta cheese

pantha passages within the body

pāṇḍu-roga anemia

para nāda sound evolving from kuṇḍalinī at the first chakra

pariṣheka medicated water sprinkled over localized areas of the body for therapeutic benefits

pārṣhva-śhūla a form of colic

paschimottanāsana back stretching yoga pose

pāṣhāsana chord yoga pose

pasyanti sound only heard by advanced yogis

Patañjali author of the Yoga Sutras and commentator on yama and niyama

payasam semi-solid pudding for pinḍa sveda

peyā thin soup taken after pañcha karma therapies

phāṇṭa hot infusions

pīnasa rhinitis

pinḍa sveda abhyañga therapy using a heated bolus

piṇgalā the right or solar nerve channel-related to iḍā; both surround the suṣhumnā

Pitta biological bile; fire energetic, a constitution, or humor

pizhichil abhyañga therapy involving the continuous pouring of warm oil over the body

prabhāva special effects of herbs

pradara menorrhagia

pradhama herbal evacuative nasal therapy using

pradhamana nasal therapy: herbs blown through a tube

pradhana karma primary pañcha karma practices

pradhena non-absorbing topical pastes for Vāyu and Kapha doṣhas

prakṛiti one’s life constitution or nature

pralaya universal sound sleep

pralepa topical pastes for Pitta doṣha

prameha obstinate urinary diseases (including diabetes)

prameha piḍakā diabetic ulcer

prāṇa life force

prāṇa Vāyu one of the five Vāyu subdoṣhas; outward moving air.

prāṇavaha srota channel which prāṇa flows

prāṇāyām breathing exercises

prasad food offered to God

prasādana vision-clearing eye salves

pratimarṣha oil/uncting nasal therapy

pratiṣhyāya colds

pratyāhāra withdrawal and liberation of the mind from the senses and objects (5th stage of yoga)

pravāhika dysentery

pṛitivi earth

puakuṣha gingivitis

pūja worship ritual

punster male reproductive system

purīṣha feces waste product

purīshavaha srota feces elimination channels

Puruṣha eternal, unmanifest consciousness

purva karma preliminary pañcha karma therapies (oleation & sudation)

pūrvarupa hidden or incubatory signs of disease

puṣhti nourishing

puta-pāka a group of eye therapies


rajas/rajasic law of nature that maintains life; one of the three guṇas

raja yoga final stage of yoga; one remains ever centered within their Self

rājā-yakṣhmā pulmonary TB

rakta blood

raktaja gulma blood/ovarian tumors and cysts

rakta mokṣha blood letting; one of the five pañcha karma cleansing methods

raktavaha srota blood circulatory channels

rañjaka Pitta one if the five Pitta subdoṣhas; located in the stomach, liver, and spleen, and gives color to lymph chyle when it is transformed into blood as it passes through the liver and spleen.

rasa plasma; taste; also products containing mercury ash

rasavaha srota plasma channels

rasa dhātu plasma tissue

rasavahini capillaries

rasāyana rejuvenation

Ravi Śhankar renown sitar musician

¼ig Veda One of the four main Vedic scriptures

¼ig Veda Bhasyabhumika ancient Vedic scripture

ṛishi seer or sage

roga disease

rudhrapuṣhpa rose

rūkṣhaṇa drying therapies in pañcha karma

rupa form; signs or symptoms of disease

rūṣha dry quality of food


sādhaka Pitta one of the five Pitta subdoṣhas; found in the heart. It helps in performing mental functions such as knowledge, intelligence, and consciousness by maintaining rhythmic cardiac contractions.

sādhanā meditation

sahasrāra chakra energy center at the crown of head

saibikalpa samādhi first stage of samādhi; sattwic mind

sālamba sarvāṇgāsana shoulder stand pose

sāma coated tongue due to āma in the digestive system

Sama Veda one of the four main Vedic scriptures

samādhi various stages of Self-Realization

samāgni normal digestion

samāna Vāyu one of the five Vāyu subdoṣhas; equalized moving air

saṃnyāsa coma

samprapti pathogenesis; disease development

samsarajana special diet after undergoing pañcha karma therapies

saµśhamana gentle reducing therapies for mild imbalances

saµaśhodhana strong reducing therapies for more serious imbalances

saµtarpaṇa nourishing pañcha karma therapies

samvritāsamvrita ducts within the body

sanātana dharma fundamental Hindu philosophy that states everything has its use in its own time and place; so reject nothing and accept everything (in its time and place)

sandhi mukti fractures

sandhigata-roga-vijñaniya eyes

sapta dhātus seven tissue layers

Saraswati Goddess of wisdom, education, and music

sāndra solid quality of food

sarva-gata-roga-abhiṣhyandha conjunctivitis

sarvānga dhārā whole-body abhyañga therapies

sarvānga senchana another name for kāya seka

sattwa/sattwic purity; one of the three guṇas

sattwavajaya holistic psychotherapy

setu bandha sarvāṇgāsana bridge yoga pose

śhakti spiritual energy

śhalabhāsan locust pose

çhālākya tantra ears, nose, throat; one of the eight branches of Āyurvedic medicine

çhalyā tantra surgery; one of the eight branches of Āyurvedic medicine

śhamana palliation therapy

śhāṃbhavī mudrā staring at 3rd eye exercise

śhankha marma energy point group on the legs and feet

Śhaṇkar Sen author of Nāḍīprakaṣham

sharat autumn

śharīrachidra spaces within the body

çhastra Vedic laws

śhatapatra lotus

śhavāsana corpse pose

śheka eye sprinkling therapy

śhikṣha, dīkṣha, parīkṣha learning, dedicated practice, evaluation

śhirā veins

śhiro basti medicated oil soaking on the head

śhiro dhārā warm oil flow to the forehead

śhiro lepa medicated head pastes or poultices

śhiro-roga-vijñāniya head disorders

śhiro virechana nasya nasal evacuative therapies

shiçhira cold season

çhishya disciple/student

śhītalī cooling breath exercise

śhītkarī kumbhaka hissing breath exercise

Śhiva one name of God in Hinduism

çhlakṣhna smooth quality of food

śhlīpada elephantiasis

śhleṣhaka Kapha one of the five Kapha subdoṣhas; located in the bone joints and lubricates them.

śhodhana strong reducing therapies

śhopha/śhotha edema

śhrama fatigue

śhuklagata-roga-vijñāniya sclerotic coat

çhukra dhātu reproductive tissue

śhukra-śhmarī seminal stones

çhukravaha srota reproductive system channels

śhūla colic

śhvāsa breahing difficulty

siddha yoni āsana perfection pose (for women)

siddhāsana perfection pose (for men)

simhāsana lion yoga pose

sīta cold quality of food

sneha medicated ghee and oil

snehana oil therapy (external)

snehapāna internal oil therapy

snighda oily quality of food

soma spiritual nectar

soma chakra between third eye and crown chakras

srota channels or pores

srutis Vedic laws

stambhana astringent therapies

sthāna residence sites within the body

stanyavaha srota breast milk channel

sthira stable quality of food

sthūla large quality of food

sthula śharīra physical body

sūkṣhma subtle quality of food

sukṣhma śharīra astral body

sūrya the sun

sūryabheda prāṇāyāma solar breathing exercise

sūryāsana sun salute yoga pose

Suṣhrut author of Suṣhrut Saṃhitā

Suṣhrut Saṃhitā one of the original three main Āyurvedic texts; mainly covers surgery

suṣhumṇā spiritual tube within the spine. Life force energy rises through this tube

sutrātma thread of the Self; Universal Con sciousness

svara-bedha hoarsness

svedhana preliminary pañcha karma sweat therapy

swabhavoparama recession by nature

swādhiṣhṭhān chakra second or navel energy center

Swami Narayan Tirtha successor of Swāmī Śhaṇkar Puruṣhottam Tīrtha

Swāmī Śhaṇkar Puruṣhottam Tīrtha author of Yoga Vani & Guru Bani

swapna sleep

swarasa herb juice

swastikāsana auspicious pose (a yoga pose)

swabhavoparama health returns from recession by nature, resulting from administering therapies

swādus weet

sweda sweat

swedavaha srota sweat-transporting channels


tadan kriyā great piercing (yoga) position

taila seka another name for kāya seka

tālu vidradhi palatal abscesses

talugata roga palate disorders

tamas/tamasic one of the three guṇas; lethargy destruction property

tanmatras primal sensory energies before they develop into the five senses

tarpaka Kapha one of the five Kapha subdoṣhas; found in the head and nourishes the sense organs.

tāpa svedhana heated object placed on body to cause sweating

tapas a form of spiritual practice

tarpaka Kapha subdosha that nourishes the senses

tarpana soothing eye therapies

tejas mental fire

tekṣhna quick quality of food

tikṣhna strong smoke therapies

tīkṣhnāgni Pitta-produced digestive enzymes

tikta bitter

til sesame seeds

timira blindness

tridosha/tridoṣhic a physical constitution involving all three doṣhas

triṣhnā thirst

tur dal a legume high in protein


udakavaha srota water metabolism system

udān Vāyu one of the five Vāyu subdoṣhas; upward moving air

udara roga abdominal diseases

uḍḍīyāna bandha exercise that contracts the lower abdomen

udgharṣhana body powder rub

ugrāsana (paschimottanāsana) back stretching pose

ujjāyī kumbhaka conquering breath exercise

unmāda insanity

upajihvikā glossitis

upanāha svedhana hot poultice applied to body then wrapped in heated cloth

Upanishads a series of Vedic scriptures

upaṣhaya diagnostic tests

upaveda a secondary branch of the main Vedas

uro basti chest/heart bath

urustambha paraplegia

uṣhmā svedhana steam therapy

ūṣhnā hot quality of food

uttara karma pañcha karma follow-up therapies

uttara basti upper tract medicated enema


vaiswarana Consciousness in the universal material body

vājikarana aphrodisiacs

vajrolī mudrā thunderbolt yoga pose

Vala a demon who when killed was cut into pieces that became various gems

vamaka vamana herbs that induce vomiting

vamana medicated emesis; one of the pañcha karma cleansing processes

vamanopaga vamana herbs that enhance vamaka herbs

varṇya lepa cosmetic plasters

varṣhā rainy season

vartmagata-roga-vijñāniya eyelids

vasant spring

Vāstu Çhastra Vedic architecture

vāta-rakta (also called vāta-ṣhonita) gout

vāta-ṣhonita (vāta-rakta) gout

vāta-vyādhi nervous system

vātāṣhṭhīlā enlarged prostate

Vāyu/Vāta biological wind; ether/air element, constitution, or humor (traditional word for Vāta)

Vedas The ancient scriptures of India

Veda Vyasa ancient sage who transcribed the Vedas

vidradhi abscess

vigñanamaya koṣha knowledge cell

vikṛiti current doṣha imbalance (as differentiated from prakṛiti or life constitution)

vilambikā digestive disorder due to excess Vāyu and Kapha

vilepī thick rice soup

vipāka post digestive taste

vīrāsana hero’s yoga pose

virat consciousness in the universal physical body (also called vaiswanara)

virechana medicated purgation; one of the pañcha karma cleansing processes

vīrya potency (related to the taste of herbs, foods, etc.)

vīryalpata impotence

visāsana alternate yoga pose for vīrāsana

viṣhada non-slimy quality of food

viṣhagara-vairodh tantra toxicology; one of the eight branches of Āyurvedic medicine

viṣhamāgni Vāyu-produced digestive enzymes

Viṣhṇu maintainer of the universe (one of the triad of Brahma, Viṣhṇu, Maheṣhwara: creator, maintainer, and destroyer of the universe respectively); also One name of God in Hinduism

viṣhuddha chakra 5th or throat energy center

visūchikā gastro enteritis

viswa consciousness in the individual material body

vraṇa wounds

vṛiddhi enlarged scrotum

vyān Vāyu one of the five Vāyu subdoṣhas; air movement throughout the body

vyayama exercise


Yajur Veda one of the four main Vedic texts

yakrit janya raktalplata sickle cell anemia

yama codes of ethical behavior non-envy, truth, non-stealing, continence, not desiring of material wealth (included with niyama)

yoga uniting of mind and body, and the various subtle energies within; also a form of

yoni mudrā hand position to awaken raja yoga stretching postures (see haṭha yoga)

Yoga Vani an instructional book for the attainment of Siddhayoga (a guide to Self realization)

yonivyāpat female reproductive

yuṣha rice and split yellow mūng dal soup

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