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One of the three doshas, combining ether and air elements; it governs all movements in the body.

vaidya vasant_lad, textbook_of_ayurveda_volume_1, 2001: p. 312

The qualities of Vata are:

  • Dry - Ruksha
  • Light - Laghu
  • Cold - Shita
  • Rough - Khara
  • Subtle - Sukshma
  • Mobile - Chala
  • Clear - Vishada

See balancing_vata and vata_diet

Vata has five important subtypes. They are prana_vayu, udana_vayu, samana_vayu, apana_vayu, vyana_vayu.

Some modern terms associated with Vata are: Air head, Spacey, Space Cadet, Icy stare, Cold shoulder, Ice queen, etc.


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