Vajrayogini - Vajravarahi

Vajrayogini: A Commentary on the Tantra - Buddhist Tantra - Part of Tibetan Ayurvedic Medicine Studies: Short Daily Practice Sadhana SUT757 0.10 1.5

Sacred Words of Vajrayogini (Varja Yogini): A Commentary Vajra-Yogini Tantra - Buddhist Tantra - Part of Tibetan Ayurvedic Medicine Studies: Vajrayogini Short Daily Practice Sadhana

Course Code: SUT764

Total Units: 0.10

Course Hours: 1.5

Prerequisites: SUT661 and Free to All Beings

Highest Yoga Tantra Initiation is required.

Vajrayogini Mantra
Vajrayogini Seed Syllable
Vajrayogini Sadhanas Pujas Ceremonies

The Short Path to Great Bliss Full-Length Vajrayogini Sadhana & Tsog by Pabongka Dechen-nyingpo - “An Uncommon Sadhana for the Naropa Khechari Tradition of the Ennobling Impeccable Vajrayogini

Long Vajrayogini Sadhana Pabongka

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Vajrayogini Practices
Vajrayogini Commentaries

Extensive Vajrayogini commentary given by H.E. Tsenshab Serkong Rinpoche at the Instituto Lama Tzong Khapa in Pomaia, Italy, Jan- Feb. 1980; translated by Alexander Berzin.

Extensive Vajrayogini commentary by H.E. Tsenshab Serkong Rinpoche

Extremely Abbreviated Six Session Guru Yoga

“From my Gurus (Choden Rinpoche - Lama Zopa Rinpoche - Dalai Lama) and the Three Precious Gems (Buddha-Dharma-Sangha), I take safe direction (refuge). (Om-Swa-bhava-Shuddha-Sarva-Dharma-Swabhava-Shuddho-Ham - Ja-Hum-Bam-Ho - Om-Yoga-Shuddho-Sarva-Dharma-Yoga-Shuddho-Ham) With myself clear (Divine-Pride - No-Ordinary-Appearance) as a Buddha (Chakrasamvara-Vajrayogini-Heruka) holding (cross-armed in right hand) Vajra (Provisional-Conventional-Truth Skillful-Means Expedient Compassion Great-Vows-to-Attain-Full-Enlightentment - Bodhi-Resolve Bodhichitta-Bliss Father-Heruka Illusory Body - Om-Shri-Vajra-Hey-Hey-Ru-Ru-Kam-Hum-Hum-Phay-Dakini-Jwala-Sam-varam-Swaha) and (in left hand) Bell (Ultimate-Truth Wisdom-realizing-Emptiness - Shunyata-Vipashina-MahaPrajnaParamita - Mother-Vajrayogini Clear-Light-Prabhaswara - Om-Om-Om-Sarva-Buddha-Dakini-yeah-Vajra-Varnani-yeah-Vajra-Vairochani-yeah-Hum-Hum-Hum-Phay-Phay-Phay-Swaha), I present you with offerings (Om-Ah-Hum Ha-Ho-Hri). Upholding the teachings of Sutra (Common-Vehicle Right-Hand-Path Paramita-Yana - Perfection-Vehicle of Mahayana-Great-Vehicle) and Tantra (Extra-ordinary-Vehicle Left-Hand-Path Mantra-Yana - Secret Wisdom-Bliss Vehicle of Mahayana-Great-Vehicle), I restrain my'self' (the-interdependent-not-independent merely-labelled 'I' imputed-posited on the six senses [eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind] and Five Aggregates Skandhas [1. Form-Body, 2. Sensations-Feelings, 3. Cognition, 4. Impulses-Habits-Samskara, 5. Consciousness]) from a wide variety of faulty deeds. Amassing (the Two Collections of Merit-Virtue-Blessings-Grace-Spritual-'Bank-Account'-Punya and Wisdom-Shunyata-Vipashina-MahaPrajnaParamita [Perfection #6 of 10]) within all constructive measures (Upaya-Paramita [Perfection #7 of 10] of skillful-means - expedients), I benefit all-sentient-beings through the Four Types of Giving (1. Dharma, 2. Pala [Protection, Encouragement, Enthusiasm-'En-Theos'], 3. Maitri [Loving-Kindess - Friendliness with Disciplined-Attachment], 4. Artha [Material Resources of Food, Clothing, Shelter, Medicine, Time, Energy, Money]). Recite the above 3x each morning and 3x each evening. Recite the below 1x per day. The Sadhana of Vajrayogini from Naropa I prostrate to Avalokiteshvara. First, briefly, I, a yogi, will liberate all sentient beings from the ocean of suffering of Samsara (turning wheel of birth, aging, sickness and death) and establish them in the blissful state of Complete Enlightenment. In this way the Limitless Yoga is performed.

Then, I meditate on my Guru (Choden Rinpoche - Lama Zopa Rinpoche - Dalai Lama manifesting as red Buddha VajraDharma Amitabha) at the crown of my head. Following that I imagine that the syllable AM arises from a moon disc at my heart. Surrounding it is a red mantra garland: Om-Om-Om-Sarva-Buddha-Dakini-yeah-Vajra-Varnani-yeah-Vajra-Vairochani-yeah-Hum-Hum-Hum-Phay-Phay-Phay-Swaha. Multicolor light rays emanate counterclockwise. In the middle of that is the syllable VAM. Rays of light emanating from the VAM pervade my body and completely purify it. I become a radiant Buddha Bhagavati Vajrayogini glowing like the fire at the end of the Kalpa (eon) with one face and two hands. I possess the five mudras (gestures). My feet squash Bhairava and Kalaratri as they lie on top a multicolored lotus and sun disk. In my right hand I hold a vajra and kartari and in my left hand I hold a skull cup and a khatvanga (tin staff). Then again, from the syllables a host of light rays emanate inviting a multitude of Dakas (Heroes) and Dakinis (Heroines). They enter into me. Again from that light rays emanate purifying sentient beings, and then return and enter into the mantra garland. Then perform the divisions of mental and spoken recitation. Then I meditate that light rays emanate from the VAM Bija syllable and gradually the Three Realms (1. Desire Realm Six Paths of Hells - Ghosts - Animals - Humans - Asuras - Deva Desire Heavens, 2. Form Realm Heavens of Brahma, 3. Formless Realm Heavens of Shiva and the Arhats), my own body, and the Mantra letters all dissolve into inconceivable suchness EVAM. (Thus-ness) This abbreviated beginner’s meditation was transmitted in its entirety from the mouth of the glorious Naropa. Received from the mouth of the Indian Khenpo Sumatikirti, this was translated into Tibetan by the translator-monk Bhikshu Prajnakirti. Sarvam Mangalam. This translation was made was by Kurt Keutzer based on the Tanjur edition in the Peking Tibetan Tripitika (PTT 2290, Volume Pha, pages 309b - 310a). I apologize for all errors. May all sentient beings find comfort and joy! Naropa's original Vajrayogini sadhana text; translated by Kurt Keutzer. Dearest Vajra-Dharma sister-brothers, For those with little time on their hands to cultivate your commitments to Vajra Master Choden Rinpoche due to busy life with other commitments. Combine it with this “Extremely Abbreviated Six Session Guru Yoga” 1 paragraph verse (commentary in parentheses and brackets). We should get together to review this even you feel you need clarification on Dharma terms and Sanskrit.

Vajrayogini Lineages

Common Lineage Sakya Lineage and Gelugpa Lineages Split

29. Nesarwa Kunga Lekpa Jungnay 28. Morchen Kunga Lhundrup 27. Khen Rabjampa Ngawang Lhundrup 26. Rinchen Sonam Shedrub (Shalu Khenchen) 25. Kagyurpa Gonpo Sonam Choden 24. Wangchuk Rabten o 23. Labsum Gyaltsen o 22. Jamyang Khyentse Wangchuk o 21. Tsarchen Losal Gyatso o 20. Kunzang Chokyi Nyima (Doringpa) o 19. Lodro Gyaltsen (Gygarba) o 18. Jamyang Namkha Gyaltsen (Sakya Dagchen) o 17. Sonam Gyalchog Wang o 16. Yarlungpa Sengge Gyaltsen o 15. Lama Dampa Sonam Gyaltsen o 14. Naza Drugpa Sonam Pal o 13. Konchog Pal o 12. Dromton Phagpa Lodro Gyaltsen o 11. Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen o 10. Sakya Jetsun Dragpa Gyaltsen o 9. Lobpon Sonam Tsemo o 8. Sachen Kunga Nyingpo

7. Mal Lotsawa Lodro Dragpa

6. Sherab Tsegpa

4. & 5. Phamtingpa Brothers

3. Mahasiddha Naropa

2. Dorje Naljorma (Vajrayogini)

1. Dorje Chos (Vajradharma)

  • Sakya Lineage
             o 41. [[H.H.]] [[Sakya Trizin]]
             o 40. Ngawang Shenpen Nyingpo
             o 39. Jamyang Chökyi Nyima
             o 38. Jamyang Loter Wangpo
             o 37. Jamyang Khyentse'i Wangpo
             o 36. Jampal Zangpo
             o 35. Kunga Tendzin
             o 34. Ngawang Rinchen
             o 33. Tenpai Nyima
             o 32. Namkha Lek
             o 31. Thartse Je
             o 30. Kunga Lodrö

Gelug Lineage

39. Gehlek Rinpoche

38. Losang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso (Trijang)

o 37. Phabongkhapa Dechen Nyingpo

         o 36. Losang Jigme Wangpo
         o 35. Yangchen Drupey Dorje (Losang Choepel)
         o 34. Ngulchu Dharmabhadra
         o 33. Ganden Dhargyey
         o 32. Kagyurpa Ganden Tenzin
         o 31. Chetsun Tenzin Trinley
         o 30. Bodrug Losal Phuntsok

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