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Sadhaka Pitta

sadhaka pitta

sadhaka pitta is present in the gray_matter of the brain as certain neurotransmitters, and in the heart as part of the cardiac_plexus or the heart_chakra. It is responsible for knowledge, understanding, comprehension, and appreciation. It transforms sensations (vedana_skandha) into feelings and emotions.

It also creates the feeling (samjna_skandha) of “i_am” that is ego. In vedic_philosophy the ego is not a bad thing. A person must have self-confidence, self-esteem, and that self-esteem is called ego, ahamkara. self-esteem is essential for survival and growth. However, belief in the inherent_existence of a self is the cause_of_suffering.

ultimately, however, there is inherently_existent no_self! provisionally, there is a merely_labeled self according to convention, language and culture.

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