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Part of the ayr241 buddhist_ayurveda Course on maje_dhatu

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

A disease of the central_nervous_system that usually first appears between the ages of 20 and 30, and affects women twice as often as men. ms is the leading cause of disability among young adults, and it causes irreversible scarring of the myelin sheath to varying extents. The primary form is remitting/relapsing, but there is also a “progressive” form, which worsens regularly.

symptoms: numbness, weakness, tingling or paralysis in one or more limbs, impaired vision and eye pain, tremor, lack of coordination or unsteady gait, and loss of control of urination.

fair_use Source: http://www.itmonline.org/arts/autoimmune.html

One-Earth Therapeutics - Kaya Chikitsa - Integrated Ayurvedic-Chinese-Western Remedies for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Course Code hrb333 trimester_units 0.25, class_hours 3.75

prerequisites hrb301 or Exam 1 3 Materia Medica / Therapeutic Herbalism required_texts 1. Tillotson, Alan Keith, The one_earth_herbal_sourcebook – Chinese, Western, Ayurvedic, New York: Kensington, 2001. Direct from the author: (302) 994-0465 or Amazon.com

2. Ven. Losang Jinpa, D.Ayur, Ph.D., compiler / editor, Buddhist Ayurveda Distance Learning Course Electronic Textbook, Berkeley, California: Medicine Buddha Healing Center: 2008.

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fair_use: vaidya vasant_lad, textbook_of_ayurveda, ayurvedic_press, 2002; vasant_lad, bams, masc, ayurvedic_institute_gurukula_notes, ayurvedic_institute, 1994-2006; and ron_epstein, buddhism_a_to_z, Burlingame, california, buddhist_text_translation_institute, 2003 and many other sources (see bibliography).

NOTE: Numerous corrections and enhancements have been made under shastra_tradition and “Fair Use” by an anonymous buddhist_monk redactor (Compiler) of this Online buddhist_encyclopedia Compilation)

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