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Dedication and Transfer of Merit (Click here to listen to the audio of this page) The Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute® and its parent the Medicine Buddha Healing Center® would like to acknowledge and offer its sincere appreciation to the Medicine Master Buddha (Bhaisajya Guru Vaidurya Prabaha Buddha in Sanskrit [also called Senjya Menla in Tibetan and Yao Shi Fohw is Chinese]), to the Bodhisattvas, and to the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, the founding Abbot of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas ( and the Dharma Master of Buddhist Sutras (scriptures), Mantras (chants and prayers), Meditation, and Precepts. His pure devotion to the Buddha, the Buddha’s Teachings (Dharma), prayers and the practitioners of Buddhism (Sangha) and his tireless effort to translate into English, Spanish and other languages the truths found in the ancient Buddhist Sutras without compromising its spiritual messages remain as a constant inspiration for the faculty and founders of this Institute. As such, we honor the Venerable Master Hua’s memory, by this dedication. We also wish to acknowledge the all of those whose dedication and insight brought the knowledge of Ayurveda to the Planet, especially to our teachers including the renowned spiritual Sage Ayurvedic Physician and Sanskrit Pandit Dr. Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., M.A.Sc. (founder of the Ayurvedic Institute – and others who lovingly showed the way and shared their knowledge and experience, and to all the friends and staff at the Ayurvedic Institute without whose contributions the Medicine Buddha Healing Center and the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute would not exist. Om Namo Amitabha Buddha! Om Namo Bhaisajya Guru Buddha! Om Namo Avalokiteshvara Great Compassion Bodhisattva! Om Namo Ganesha! Om Jai Hanuman! We bow to and offer sincere thanks and dedication to our teachers, the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, the Venerable Ayurvedic Sage Doctor Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S. and the Clown Bodhisattva Patch Adams, M.D. of the Gesundheit Institute and the great Nobel Peace Prize-winning doctor Albert Schweitzer. <top> Berkeley Buddhist Monastery Verse of Transference and Dedication of Merit and Blessings (Click here to listen to the audio of this chant sung by the Rev. Heng Sure of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery) May the merit and virtue accrued from this work, Adorn the Buddhas’ Pure Lands, Repaying the four kinds of kindness above And aiding the those suffering in the paths below. May those who see and hear of this, All bring forth the resolve for Bodhi, And when this retribution body is over, Be born together in the Land of Ultimate Bliss. May every living being, our minds as one and radiant with light, share the fruits of peace, with heart of goodness, luminous and bright. If people hear and see, how hands and hearts can find in giving unity, may their minds awake, to Great Compassion, wisdom and to joy. May kindness find reward; may all who sorrow leave their grief and pain; may this boundless light break the darkness of their endless night. Because our hearts are one, this world of pain turns into Paradise; may all become compassionate and wise; may all become compassionate and wise. (Click here to listen to the audio of the traditional Chinese Mandarin Transference of Merit of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas) <top> Traditional Tibetan Medicine Verse of Transference and Dedication of Merit and Blessings By this merit, may all attain Enlightenment. May the enemy of wrong doing be defeated, From the stormy waves of old age, sickness and death. May all beings be liberated.

At this very moment, for the peoples and nations of the Earth May not even the names disease, famine, war, and suffering be heard; But rather may their moral conduct, merit, wealth, and prosperity increase And may supreme good fortune and well being always arise for them.

Just as the hero Manjushri Great Wisdom Bodhisattva gained Enlightenment And Samantrabhadra Perfection of Conduct Bodhisattva exactly the same, I dedicate this merit entirely (to the welfare of all) So that I may train myself to follow Them.

Precious best mind Bodhicitta, May it be born in those in whom it is not; May it be born in those whom it has arisen; May it grow and grow, on and on.

May all of us who share a connection with the Medicine Buddha and Dhanvantari Be inspired by illumination. May the blessings of health and ease Shower like fragrant blossoms from the Medicine Paradise. May the Dharma increase. May all beings be happy and realize the Great Perfection. <top> Audio Lectures Explaining More Deeply the Roots of the Concept of Transference of Merit and Virtue For a greater explanation of the the Spiritual Practice of Transferring the Merit and Virtue of our Conduct and Practices, click here for the directory to download and listen to numerous sample readings from Losang Jinpa, D.Ayur from Dr. Epstein's wonderful Buddhist Dictionary. The following sample audios require the Microsoft Windows Media Player. For a full listing of our sample audio seminars, visit our online Medicine Master Buddha Library. • 1000_Hands_Eyes_Guan_Yin_Buddhism_AZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 3.5 MB • Ten_Wholesome_Deeds_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 3.4 MB • 5_type_Vinaya_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 1.1 MB • Bodhisattva_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 2.6 MB • Bodhisattva_Path_Shariputra_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 3.1 MB • Bowing_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 2.1 MB • Buddhist_Sects_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 1.3 MB • Enlightenment_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 2.4 MB • Karma_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 3.9 MB • Outflows_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 3.1 MB • Polluted_Thoughts_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 1.2 MB • Shurangama_Mantra_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 4.4 MB • Shurangama_Sutra_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 1.5 MB • Shurangama_Sutra_V2_Forward.wma 4.8 MB • 5_type_Teaching_School_Buddhism_AtoZ_Hsuan_Hua.wma 2 MB • 5_type_Vajrayana_Om_Mani_Padma_Hum_Hsuan_Hua.wma 10 MB <top>

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The non-profit Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute (part of the Medicine Buddha Healing Center) offers affordable yet comprehensive distance learning (online correspondence course with regular phone support) and in-person apprenticeship formats leading to specialized Indian and Tibetan Ayur-Vedic Herbal Certifications and Ayur-Veda Diplomas.

• Taught by highly experienced degreed faculty clinicians and scholars. Our main teacher has served over 5600 patients since 1996, 1900 patients with Dr. Vasant Lad during his formal six-year, 1800 hour clinical apprenticeship.

• The most comprehensive Clinical multimedia audio and HDTV video-based Ayurvedic distance learning program on the Planet.

MP3 recordings of over 1000 Patient Consultations for Clinical Experience. Searchable database of photographs of tongue diagnosis and iPod - iPhone compatible audio files of our main Berkeley Ayurvedic Practitioner's client visits.

• The Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute is currently the only educational program in the world to offer such an extensive collection of organized Ayurvedic clinical research of patient case studies (over 1500 hours worth of consultation audio recordings).

To enroll as an Apprenticeship Intern Student, please see - 9 minute Indo-Tibetan Medicine Video Clips – Do please Subscribe to our Ayurved Channel on YouTube!

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Medicine Buddha Mantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Bhaisajya Guru Vaidurya Prabaha Rajaya Tathagataya Arhate Samyamsambodhi Tadyata Om Bhaisajye Bhaisajye Bhaisajya Samudgate Svaha!

Medicine King Bodhisattva Jeweled Ax Mantra 16 (Line 64 of the Great Compassion Mantra of Avalokiteshvara):

Syi lu seng e mu chywe ye Nan Wei la ye Wei la ye Sa wa he.

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