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Since words create our reality (see prajna), there are certain words to avoid: Please see also: words_to_avoid and statement_of_ayurveda_dharma_redactor_s_intent for the Editor's and anonymous Pandita commentator's intent to redact an extensive non-profit educational-use-only commentaried synthesis redaction of buddhist_ayurveda based on the concepts of the disciplines of Explication, Explanation, Translational science, Syncretism, Exegesis, Exegete, Shastra, Critical reading among others.

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Air Element in Ayurvedic Medicine

air is the element of movement. All movements involve air as an element, because it alone moves everything. Any time there is motion, it means air is present. The nature of the elements themselves determines the nature of physiology. Within the human body, air is present in the pulsations of the heart and the expansion and contraction of the lungs. Under a microscope, even a single cell can be seen to move. response to a stimulus is the movement of afferent and efferent nerve impulses, which are sensory and motor movements respectively. movements of the nervous system are also governed by the air principle present in the body.

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Primary Original Source: The tripitaka of sutra, shastra and vinaya dharma teachings (as found in the scripture storehouse of the Indian sanskrit - siddham, chinese, tibetan and japanese traditions of the nalanda_tradition of ancient nalanda_university) of shakyamuni_buddha, and his arya sagely bodhisattva bhikshu monk and upasaka disciples.

These good_and_wise_advisors (kaliyanamitra) dharma_master teachers include arya venerables monk_doctors nagarjuna (sushruta_samhita), ashvaghosha, aryasura, aryadeva, jian_zhen_shr and other lay healers such as shen_nong - a transformation_body of (bhaisajya_raja_bodhisattva, jivaka, charaka (caraka_samhita), vagbhata (astanga_hridayam), zhang_zhongjing, hua_tuo, wang_shuhe, huangfu_mi, ge_hong, tao_hongjing, chao_yuanfang, sun_simiao, wang_tao, qian_yi, liu_wansu, zhang_zihe, li_dongyuan / Li Gao, zhu_danxi, li_shizhen, wang_kentang, wang_youxing, zhang_jingyue, ye_tianshi, wang_qingren, wu_shangxian, vasant_lad, and Dharma Healers such as kumarajiva, shantideva, chandrakirti, chandragomin, vasubandhu, asanga, hui_neng, atisha, kamalashila, dharmarakshita, tsong_khapa, thogme_zangpo, patanjali, sushruta, charaka, vagbhata, nichiren, hsu_yun, hsuan_hua, shen_kai, tenzin_gyatso, kyabje_zopa, ajahn_chah, and other modern_day_masters. We consider them to be in accord with tripitaka_master hsuan_hua’s “seven_guidelines_for_recognizing_genuine_teachers

nalanda_online_university's teachings are based especially on the dharma_flower lotus_sutra, the avatamsaka_sutra, the shurangama_sutra, the ksitigarbha_sutra, the bhaisajya_guru_sutra, the dharani_sutra, the vajra_sutra, the prajna_paramita_hridayam heart_sutra, and their commentaries (shastras) by the above arya tripitakacharya dharma_masters. In respect (bhakti), we say “om namo” to them all for their often selfless (no_self) and anonymous_contributions to ayurveda and chinese_medicine.

Fair Use Compilation Sources for the Above Material on the Teachings of the buddha dharma and sangha:

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For affordable donation-only extensive Buddhist Ayurveda Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Distance Learning Program Certification, call Medicine Buddha Healing Center at 1-510-292-6696.

The non-profit ayurveda_healing_arts_institute (part of the medicine_buddha_healing_center) offers affordable yet comprehensive distance_learning (online correspondence_course with regular phone support) and in-person apprenticeship formats leading to specialized Indian and Tibetan Ayur-Vedic Herbal certifications and Ayur-Veda diplomas.

• Taught by highly experienced degreed faculty clinicians and scholars. Our main_teacher has served over 6000 patients from 1996 to 2010, 1900 patients with Dr. vasant_lad during his formal six-year, 1800 hour clinical apprenticeship.

• The most comprehensive Clinical multimedia audio and hdtv video-based Ayurvedic distance_learning program on the Planet.

mp3 recordings of over 1000 patient_consultations for Clinical Experience. Searchable database of photographs of tongue_diagnosis and ipod - iphone compatible audio files of our main_berkeley_ayurvedic_practitioner's client visits.

• The ayurveda_healing_arts_institute is currently the only educational program in the world to offer such an extensive collection of organized Ayurvedic clinical_research of patient case_studies (over 1500 hours worth of consultation audio recordings).

http://www.archive.org/details/ayurveda_institute http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=HRB108 http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=AYR220 http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=CLN301

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The dharma is a Priceless jewel, thus these research compilations of ayurveda_dharma and audio and video teaching materials are offered free-of-charge by this anonymous practitioner for the bodhi_resolve_benefit of all_sentient_beings in the universe under the creative_commons_license Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License and the gnu_free_documentation_license.

The rights to textual segments (“quoted, paraphrased, or excerpted”) of the are owned by the author-publisher indicated in the brackets next to each segment and are make available and commented on (under the “shastra tradition”) under fair_use.

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medicine_buddha_mantra: om namo bhagavate bhaisajya guru vaidurya prabaha rajaya tathagataya arhate samyamsambodhi tadyata om bhaisajye Bhaisajye bhaisajya samudgate svaha!

medicine_king_bodhisattva jeweled_ax_mantra 16 (Line 64 of the great_compassion_mantra of avalokiteshvara):


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