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Welcome to the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute

Medicine Buddha Healing Center - San Jose, California

Gardening and Permaculture

* https://Permaculture.Live

* ayurvedic_herbs

* ayurvedic_distance_learning_program -$495 for 500 hours of audio and video

* symptoms

* glossary

Inspired by and dedicated to our life-long friend and mentor da_xin_de_ben_shr.

Our distance_learning_program: http://Ayurveda-Institute.org


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recent_changes and Clinical Consultation Case Studies

ayurveda_terms (ayurvedic_chinese_western_medicine_terms_from_marma_points_of_ayurveda | dharma_terms | dharma_teachers

An all volunteer seva effort of non-profit 501(c)3 medicine_buddha_healing_center volunteers dorjay_zopa, Ph.D, jenny_dinh, L.Ac and adrian_bartoli, M.D.

cat_course_syllabus - Course Details for the clinical_ayurveda_therapist distance_learning_program

• The most comprehensive Clinical multimedia audio and video-based Ayurvedic distance learning program on the Planet.

• MP3 recordings of over 1500 Patient Consultations for Clinical Experience. Searchable database of photographs of tongue diagnosis and audio files of our Ayurveda client visits.

Starting on January 1, 2016, the new 2016 Tuition is $495 “flat rate” donation for full access to the entire 3200-hour Ayurvedic Studies Program Levels 1 through 5.

no_one_is_turned_away_due_to_lack_of_funds. Call us for details on payment plan.

No One Turned Away Due to Lack of Funds (sliding_scale Gift Economy Pay it Forward)

cat_course_syllabus - Visit here to see the structure of the clinical_ayurveda_therapist program and how to navigate to individual course lessons (audios and videos). ayurvedic_consultations cln301

http://www.archive.org/details/ayurveda_institute - Checkout our Ayurveda Videos (30 hours of them for free)

For course_descriptions of the entire master_ayurvedic_herbalist Program (mah) based on the Educational Certification Standards of the american_herbalists_guild (ahg) and national_ayurvedic_medical_association (nama), please visit: course_descriptions

See our ayurvedic_student_dedication_letter for specifics on the Mobile Learning Program and how it is dedicated to our ayurvedic_students, ayurveda_patients and all living_beings

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